The two types of Government in Africa.

          I see something that I must talk about. Everyone is scared to speak when they see something.

Those that are bold enough to speak up are put behind bars.

The civilians are afraid of the police, the police are afraid of the soldiers; the soldiers do not like the lawyers. Everyone is afraid of something.

In Africa, we have two types of government,

1, The Criminal Government

2, The Arm Robbery Government.

        The two types of governments have four years to rules and steal whatever from wherever, as much as they can before the time of power change over game on the fifth year.

If the criminal government is in power for instance, on the fifth year of their reign the arm robbery government would oppose them and take over power; if their opposing weapons are sophisticated enough. If not, the criminal government would continue their reign and stealing.

Preachers from all religious groups do not like either of the two kinds of government we have in Africa so they preached the bad things the government are doing to their blind members.

      The members so much love and trust their preachers that they take every word from the preacher’s mouth very serious. ‘’Words from the preachers mouth are sweeter than honey.pastor_walking-on-people

But the preachers in Africa are another kind of government. They fall under the criminal government. The preachers have the most sophisticated weapon on earth known to mankind, “the holy Bible and the holy Quran”

       This kind of government is a special one with no opposition! But they have so many competitors therefore; the preachers devote their time to study their weapons very hard to be able to use them against their blind followers.10641265_829889897029715_5547353882063246756_n

        Both the criminal government and the arm robbery government in Africa have two ways of operation. Since they are the government, they have access to everything including coming to your small house to beat you up for an acclaimed crime you know nothing about. They have access to the nation’s treasures and therefore all they need is just a pen and a paper.african-presidents

In Africa, even before the signing of a budget, the money is already been pocketed by some few individuals and  all the people need to do is to wait a story on how the money developed legs and run away into a foreign country after the signing of a bill.

        The second mode of operation; this one is peculiar with the arm robbery kind of government. Since they understand that everyone is afraid of something, they develop a plan to steal from the people! The school children even babies yet unborn are victims to the arm robbery kind of government.  They robbed the people by means of unnecessary taxation. In Africa no one has any good reason of being a proud tax payer. Why do we even pay tax in Africa?

       \The preachers do not like the arm robbery kind of government; so they preached. They don’t like the arm robbery kind of government because, ‘’they uses force to collect money from the people’’.

        Meanwhile, while the members are busy paying attention the preacher’s messages, their hands are reluctantly pushing it way through the pockets and bags. They cannot leave a gathering without paying a tax up to five times as the preachers demands this is called,  ‘’voluntary given to God or offering” submoneyjp-jumbo  , this is usually done with a special song to keep the members mind busy without even knowing they have been robbed by a criminal government.

       The preachers government is usually operated in the name of a said messiah, e.g. stealing under the name of our lord Jesus Christ, stealing in the name of our prophet Mohamed.

        The two kind of government that rules Africa are the “CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT AND THE ARM ROBBERY GOVERNMENT” their differences are, “one will steal from you right before your eye without you even knowing but the other would steal from you and leave traces of evidence.

   So what kind of government are you operating or is operating you?



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