In the land of the dark skin humans, ones a great nation; famous for her natural blessings, a land that was once known as the resting place of the creator’s home (God)   Bestowed with blessings of all kinds between her enclaves.

           Her dark skin children were famous and giants. They were great sculptors and scientist. The eyes of the greater God and gods were upon them.

Destine for the leadership of the whole universe, they were blessed. Their land had live therefore every crops planted on it was a success.

            The gods’ rand to Africa in the time of old and have their temple with worshipers there. The footsteps of the gods brought great light into the land. Things became brighter with the presences of the gods.

           Doubt this not, “the almighty creator (God) created gods for both the dark skin humans and also a different gods for the light skin human same as he has created angels for each one of us.” The almighty creator created so many mysterious things here on earth.

          The dark skin human devoted their time to the worshiping of their gods, through sacrifices upon another. Their sincere worshiping provoked gladness from their gods and thereto, the rains of Blessing fall upon the dark skin nation.

worshipers rendering praises to the gods

  News of their numerous blessings and prosperity flew across the sea, through the forest and lands.  Foreigners trooped in for the worshiping of the dark skin gods.

The light skin humans came in with treasures to pay homage to the dark skin gods;

A foreigner arrived Egypt  

         Ethiopia was a great nation, blessed by her gods. Egypt was rich. Her chambers were filled with riches.

Israelite’s were there to worship at her gods feet and be fed.

         Sad oh foolishness! The dark skin human admired the treasures from the light skin foreign worshipers;

            Hatred and conspiracy breaks among the dark skin humans for whom should the treasures belong to.

           Too much familiarity with the gods killed the fear and respect. The dark skin human’s preferred the treasures from the light skin foreign worshipers to their own gods.

           Wisdom gripped tight to the light skin foreign worshipers.

To the dark skin humans they said, “Treasures we have in abundant and we know you admire them! Therefore, let us do trade by barter! Give us your gods in exchange for our treasures. The dark skin human agreed.

Trade by barters became a way of life in the old. The impossibilities became possible.


The dark skin gods refused to go with the light skin humans. Thunder storm, mighty rain fall,  fear flew across the land.


            Through extreme invocation and conjuring by the dark skin human, the spirit of the dark skin gods rose to honor her worshipers. Into a sculpted image she was conjured in.

With the help of the dark skin human, the gods of the dark skin nation were carried into the light skin human kingdom.

The dark skin human convey their gods into the light skin human kingdom. Neither they nor their gods returned back home again.

        The gods left the land of the dark skin human’s long time ago into the land of the light skin human for an exchange of mere treasures. Our own gods left  Africa long time ago.

  “Oh poverty, you have found your way into the land of the dark skin nation” The children yet unborn will suffer for a crime they committed not.

“Shame unto the ancestors of the dark skin human”. The fifth generations even unto the last shall say the same thing.

“Shame unto any man who had blamed the light skin humans for the era of slavery”

slave ship leaving Africa, along with her gods and children.

“Shame unto any man light or dark skin that hold crush against the light skin humans for enslaving the dark skin people.

May all blames and curses fall upon the ancestors of the dark skin humans

The selling of the dark skin gods to the light skin humans was a crime against the creator (God)

Now, in the temple of the dark skin human gods; sculpted images lay waste with no effect. The gods had gone long time ago.

Images of African gods in a temple

       Bye to mother land Africa, the land that was to rule the world! The gods bide her farewell.


BY: Alexandre wisdom




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