Sometimes, magical shows could pull in crowd more than any kind of show.

The whole world stands array these days to the supernatural performance of different magicians from all around the world. Be it a black magic performance or a white magic performance or whatsoever color you might like to call or named it; one thing you must have in mind is that magic is magic and that they are all performed the same way and methods.

In this article, I would be talking about how magicians got their powers, and how they operate.

First, you might want to ask,

“Who is a magician?ncee4raai

And secondly, you might also ask,

“Why should I know about magicians?boy-thinking-620x335

Well maybe you’re not interested in magic, but don’t forget, rights now we are living in a world were magicians and their magic is becoming globally acceptable.

For this reason, I have made so much tremendous effort to study magicians and to know how they operate! Which is what I’m about to share with you.

Back to our previous question: who is a magician?

A magician to my definition is someone or they could be a group of people who desire to impress, a person or the public right before their very eyes by performing a kind of wonders that are absolutely out of the ordinary human imagination. These involve a lot of tricks which are real and are unimaginable.

levitating a woman live. The magician tries to show to the audience that there are no strings or wires holding the woman,

First you must understand that everyone was born with ability or powers if you might like to call it so. Some people discover this early in their lives and work towards it while sadly, majorities never truly know about any existing of abilities within them. I must state it clear also that majority of the magician, are driving by means of survival while others are just out to impress and to deceive and convert people.

And the reason why am writing this is, in case you’re wondering why should you know about magician or what they do! A lot of people are often too amazed after an encounter with a magician that they ended up in some cases! losing their religious faith, and can’t get such an encounter off their head for a long time.

A magician suprised his audience

So this article is for someone like that. And for those that just wonder, “How that is even possible” after seeing a magician perform, well, this is for you too.


Question one: Does magic truly exist or is it just a mere trick by some stunners to freak people out?

Answer:  Yes magic truly does exist. The truth is everyone has or had once in his or her lifetime come in contact with an act of magic. And there is only one type of magic should you be wondering, “How many kinds of magic are there out there?


Well, don’t be.

When it comes to magic, there is truly only one kind of magic. It is how this magic is used that differentiates them. For instance, someone might tell you that they know about black magic or white magic or any color name them!

But you must know that magic is neither white nor black until the magician makes it so.  A magician might decide to use his magical power to cure diseases for instance; this would be call, white magic. But in an instance were a magician decides to use his or her magical power to curse confusion or even kill someone, such magic would be known as black magic.

Note:     You don’t have to be born with super powers in order to become a magician, the fact is, no one is born a magician, but they just choose to become one.

So how do magicians get their powers you might ask!

A man moves a pizza with magic power

Well because we’re living in a world of myth and mystery, some information’s are so deep, scary and secrete and it would be better if it remains so. However, I would touch some major points that are necessary for this context.

The love for magic and the awareness of it existing is a major key player into finding it.

The origin of magic is so deep and can only be link to only one source; and that source is the devil. You can call the devil, Satan, Saaitan, ilblis or whatsoever you know it to be.ap_satanic_temple_mm_150727_12x5_1600

In order to have a real magic power, you must locate a host. A host is a carrier of such power. A host is not necessary the Satan himself but a representative of Satan.

While I don’t want to talk about religion here but I must be quick to note that, like God who has so many Angels that works in heaven and on earth here for him (Hallelujah) so also does the Satan. But the Satan’s agents only work here on earth.

The Satan have agents or demons or Jinn however you might know them to be called, they are, “the host of magic powers”. They are here on earth. Mostly, they live in a remote area of a country or world. A place that is dirty and quiet. This place, human noise and activities would not be a distraction to them. Like the separation of the wild animals from the human, whereas the humans live in one part and the animals in another so also is the agents.

So how did humans get to get in contact with these demons?

Well, during the wars in the olden days, as you might know, so many wars!

People in a war zone

Some people ran away from their city into some very narrow areas in the desert, forest and so on; where they came in contact with these demons.  If you go deep into the forest for instance, you might likely get eating up by a wild animal or worst you might be biting by a snake or so.

people runing from war

But in this instance where people rand deep into the forest crying, and in a very sorrowful and painful mood to live there! It gets even worst. Hope that answers it.


In order to get this magic power, there must be an agreement with the seeker and the host (DEVIL). The host does something magical to show the seeker and in turn, the seeker is impressed and says, “How did that happened, can you show me?

And the demon says, yes I would. And so on. Now with so many magic been done to impress the seeker, he is deep into some spell. But because the humans’ spirit is very strong, the demon would have to let the seeker decide what he or she wants willingly. Remember, “the devil does not compel anyone”

The seeker would most likely say, “Teach me how to do something like that”

Note: The seeker does not see the demons with his or her eyes; the seeker can only feel and see the movement of objects and things as it happen and as time goes by, a strong bond is establish. The seeker can hear the demon speaking and can also speak back.

 Attributes of demons:

Demons are very fast. The fact is, “they could travel so fast than the speed of light”

Demons can’t be host but they can host. This means that a demon has no physical body therefore, jg.jpga greater being can’t enter into them but they can enter into a human body and possess it.

Half of the time, demons are in pains. This is because they are trapped in a world between the death and the living. But they focus more on the world of the living because the dead are in darkness and so is their world. (This is completely another topic for another article)

Demons have no WILL. This means that they work best on order and agreement.

Demons can be resisted.

Demons don’t die. This doesn’t means they live forever, but their existing is not limited to a time.

Demons have no life. They don’t breathe the same air as the humans. This same happens to the human soul after death. (Again, this is entirely another topic for another article)

Demons are not physically powerful. This means that if it is possible that a demon can completely get transform and be visible like a human, that demon would stand no chance in a physical combat with a human.

For every human that live here on earth and is alive, there is a demon assigned to monitor each person.  But they watch from afar.  Don’t also forget that a guardian spirit also watches over humans.

Okay lest stop here. These attributes of demons are what have made them so amazing to the human because they exist in a world that is different from ours and they can evolves into our world to manipulate movement. The fact that an average human can’t really see beyond the physical realm is a enough reason to make the demons seems smarter.

Now I did mention earlier that before a magician can start to perform magic, there have to be an agreement between the magician and the Satan. Once such an agreement is reached, the Satan would assign two demons to go with the seeker of magic who would then be called, “a magician”


Now this is what usually happens:

The magic seeker must first be humble to acknowledge that there is Satan and must also acknowledge that the Satan is powerful. He or she must seek to worship this Satan. He must repeatedly deny his faith in God in front of this Satan.  He must render praises and so on. This is usually done by constant meditation, conjuring, and invocation and some sacrifice in different ways and places. All this would result into one thing, to subdue his soul unto the Satan.

Some items use by magic seekers

With the sacrifices being done and is accepted by the Satan, the magic seekers is on his way to become magician.

You must understand that it is in every magician’s widest dream to be able to move an object with his or her mind by just looking at it or by making gesture with his hands. And some magicians even dream to be able to fly in the air and so on.

Here, sacrifices are rendered to the Satan base on the intention and request of the magic seeker. The magic seeker might be asking at first, for the ability to be able to vanish objects and the Satan would give him or her that power base on the sacrifice. But as time goes, the magician might need to perform something else to freak the people’s mind; so he or she would have to go back to the Satan for another sacrifice and the Satan would again instruct the demons base on this new sacrifice.

Now that we are clear on this, lest now talk about the magic.

Now with the sacrifices being accepted by the Satan, and two demons have been assigned to go with the magic seeker, the magic seeker would have to test his newly acquired magical powers.

A study by wikipedia on how to get rid of two demons

He might choose to make an object to move from one place to another or even disappear.  He might want to bring out fire from anything.


Note:  when a magician makes an object to disappear, he or she doesn’t even know where the object disappears to.

You might be wondering,

“So how does a magician make an object to vanish?

Remember one thing; a real magician is posses by two demons. One demon is host inside the magician’s body while the other demon is outside the body. The reason for this is simple; one demons must possess the magician as part of the agreement with the Satan, without this, magic is absolutely impossible. The other demon must stay outside the magicians’ body to also make the act of performing magic very easy.


Once the magician is ready to perform his magic, all he or she has to do is to say the words. The magician can actually speak in silent to an object for instance, ordering it to move from one spot to another. Don’t forget that every magician have two demons living inside and one working outside for them. So when a magician is speaking to an object, it is actually a communication between two demons; the one inside and the other one outside the body.

The demon inside the magician speaks to the one outside and say, move that object, and right before your very eyes, the objects begin to move. This usually catches the audience or spectator’s heart.

A magician entertaining his audience

The magic that people can’t seem to understand is how a magician can make something that wasn’t there to suddenly appear.

This is really very simple and easy. Don’t forget like I mention earlier, that demons are even faster than the speed of light. Well I must admit that I don’t know how fast the speed of light is, I would have to make research on that. Therefore, it is very simple for a magician to speak and an object would suddenly appear.

NOTE: Before a magician, make mention of an object, there is one hundred percent assurance that such object is already there between the pace of the magic but its hiding from the human eye.

So how do magicians read a person’s mind?

This is very simple. Though in most cases, it might be a trick but in a situation where the magician is actually reading a person’s mind, this is how they do it.

A magician would never be able to read your mind without you giving out your mind to the magician. What does this mean? It means that before any magician can be able to read a person’s mind, he must first get the persons attention.

A magician gets a woman’s attention

This is how they do it: the magicians must first ask you a question and demand that you think of the answer and at the same time would demand that you look him steadily in the eyes.

For a example, a magician might ask you to think of the name of the most important person in your life and would simultaneously demand that you look him straight in the eye while thinking.

A magician asked a woman to look into his eyes while she thinks

This is why. While the magician is acting like he is the one actually readying your mind, he is otherwise asking the demon outside to momentarily possess your body. The demon would then posses the person’s body; at this point, there is no secretes that can’t be reveal.

This is possible because, by getting your attentions, you are submitting to his commands. He demand that you look him straight into the eyes and you do, in that slight moment, while your thinking about the answer to his question, the second demon is possessing your body and at this point, everything is possible.800_hypnotic_eye_dvd_5_500x2811.jpg

NOTE: At this point, you are already being initiated and are venerable to any attack and must seek a greater power, which is the power of God to set you free.


And I believe that anyone reading this should be wise enough to know and accept that a spiritual world actually does exist. You must understand that without darkness, there would be no reason or need for light. So if you are a Christian, Muslim, or whatsoever your religion or believes are, think again about the full meaning of the “let there be light” that was written in both the bible and the Quran; for I tell you surely “a spiritual world exist”


A whole lot is happening now in the world. Some call it, “the manifestation of the end time prophesies, while some people are just neutral about it all”

The new world order

The world is changing faster than was ever predicted, there are troubles everywhere, ranging from wars, financial dryness, natural disasters of all types to strange sickness and even sudden premature deaths. Whether we accept it or not, the truth is, “we are living in the end time”.

Thousands of churches are probing up every year in the world with different names and missions, doing all kinds of signs and wonders! But don’t be fooled.

A pastor climbing his members back

You must question the spirit. Preachers these days are magicians. Therefore, pray for wisdom, knowledge and define guardians.


BY: Alexandre wisdom





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