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“Life isn’t fun in Africa ” That’s what you most likely hear when you ask someone if ,’they still have hope in Africa .

From Monrovia in Liberia to Jahunde in Cameron, to Acra in ghana, to lagos in nigeria and even to abuja the country’s capital, the story is no different.
Merely looking at the lifestyle of the common man in the street, it is evidence that the people have all the reasons to be mad at the government.

The rates of un-employment, lack of youths empowerment, poor quality educations, lack of good and affordable medical care, bad roads, lack of power supply. to mention but a few of the problems that has completely deteriorated the love and faith that people had in this continent.

As early as 6:00 am, I saw numbers of un-employed youths gathered around in a square , shouting hysterically and sporadically at each other.
Their actions brought a small amount of crowd. I moved closer to bear witness to the happening.

On the spot, a large table is set, comfortably balancing on it were heaps of diverse magazines and news papers.
The young men took hold of one and shouted at each other. one said, “Messi is the best player in the world”. Another one objected to such saying, calling it foolish statement”

The Early Morning Crowd


Two elderly men stood just an inch away enjoying an herbal mixed drink, supposedly mean to healed waist pains; they were tipsy.

Another fellow stood near the scene flipping a newspaper from page to another in a staccato manner. .
Later, it was gathered that he is in search for a job. I brought out my camera and took some shots as quickly as possible.


Few hours later, rather than reducing, the crowd gains more momentum as the day gets more brighter.
In my final findings, I gathered that virtually everyone of them there were jobless.

If this was in Liberia, I guess that wouldn’t be a problem then! But the bitter truth is, ‘This is not one country’s problem; it is an African problem. (JOBLESSNESS)

unnamed (7)

On my first arrival to Lagos in Nigeria, I was immediately warned of what joblessness has turned the youths into.
A woman once said to me, “Alexandre, ‘ there are no jobs in this country! The youths are not getting employed nor empowered! Even after school, this alone have driven some of them to engage in some very strange an un-unlawful activities. We are so ashamed of this country”

So I began to wonder on my own, ‘where did all this problems come from, how did Africa get here, and why is everyone quiet, doing nothing?

In lagos the is a saying, ” if you ask me, who would I asked?
The point is, no one is happy about the situations in the continent but again, nobody is doing anything.
The government’s actions is zero; their agenda and propaganda is nothing compare to the situations in around the continent.
By pondering what the problem might be, I came across a word that is often almost associated with government and the nations.

(PATRIOTISM) but in this case it is evident that, ‘that word is missing right now in Africa.


Patriotism is simply defined as the unconditional love of a country, devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty, to serve with all your heart, and to put it glory as a priority.

The first problem in Africa is simply lack of PATRIOTISM.

Those in the position of authority, lack this word! Same thing apply to the common man in the street.

There’s a wise saying, “that whatever affects the head would surely have an effect on the entire body” when the leader of a country does not have the interest of the people and the country he governs at heart, this kind of problem is inevitable.

The second problem I noticed is EMBASLEMENT OF PUBLIC FUND.
This is a well known phenomenon especially in this part of the world. African Leaders are known for always embezzling public fund.


That is why, there are bad roads, lack of constant power supply, poor medical care system, security issues and the likes.

The third one is, Laws without implementation.

In Africa, there are laws in place. Too many laws. From the federal to the states, down to the local government, laws are in place! But no implementation.

Which is why the laws on corruptions is not functioning in this part of the world.


Implementating these laws would mean that when a leader is found guilty of corruption, such a leader would have to face the consequences in accordance with the law.
But because no one wants to be responsible for such an action, such as punishing a head of a state, governors or anyone with the privilege to lead, no law is therefore beeing implemented..


A man once say to me, “there can never be such implementation for strict action and punishment against corrupt leaders”.
I asked ‘why’ and he’s answers were shocking. He said, “First of all, who wants to implement such a law when everyone is seeking to occupy one office or the other someday?
That is like setting a trap and no one can escape such a trap. Then he ask, ‘In this country, who is not corrupt, Who is a holy man?

There is an extreme problem with carelessness.

People don’t care. There truth is, ‘ whether yes or no the countries in this Continent (Africa) is getting destroyed or moving towards that direction.
But you know what, ‘The people do not care; and this is an evidence for the previously stated (lack of patriotism)

In addition to carelessness, One other problem in africa is, selfishness.


I consider this a major problem in africa base on so many reasons.
A selfish person never does truly gets satisfied and he who is not satisfy cannot think about the needs and wellbeing of others .
A selfish person does not care. That is, ‘such a person does not have the interest of others at heart’
The presence of a selfish person is a threat to the growth an development of an organization, same applies when such a person is in the Position of an authority.

In Africa, the word unity is nothing but a joke. people just naturally break into laughter when you speak of unity.
From the federal government down to the local government, even to the most narrow parts of the street, unity is absent.

One other big problem I notice is swearing in of these leaders with the Bible.images (39)

Sometimes, I ponder on my own, ‘what is the whole concept of that process? Why swear in a person who’s religious faith you can’t ascertain with the bible? For me it often seems like a big joke.
my questions ,” Is it stipulated in the bible that whosoever swear with it would die or face severe consequences?
Is this a traditional trait? Biblical kings and queens; were they sworn in with the bible? Is there any special punishment fort those that mess around with the bible?
In this new era ,’ is that book still sacred or holy Like of the old even with it many different version?
personally , I doubt!images (40)

With the left hand placed on the bible and the right hand raised up towards the skies, and repeating after he who is to detect the words to the aspiring Leader” , this drama doesn’t cease to amused me.

One other problem in Africa I notice is pride.

A rich person cannot or does not want to help the average man to become rich. The reason is that, he or she does not want competition. There must be only one rich man in a society at a time. this is one of the many foolish thing I don’t seems to understand.
One other problem in Africa is limited vision.

The youths are the future Leaders! and the future is not realistic without a broad and vividVision.

Because of the situations in around the Continent of Africa, no one is dreaming big anymore. majority Live for the day . this means, ” work hard, earn Litle , eat Litle. sleep , wake-up and repeat .
One Last problem I notice in Africa is ,” Old People in power”.
Generally Speaking, I would simply termed this. ‘Old continent by old men’. with The Look of things in around the Continent, it is evidence that, ‘this old folks in power Clearly have no vision for the nations they govern . All these makes me Sad.images (35)

The solution.

One of the best way to finding a Lasting solutions to the problems in Africa is to Implement new Laws and to make sure that existing ones are in effect’.
The Laws again Corruption mut be taken seriously and giving high priority . offenders must face high Consequence’s. This would Serve as a Lesson to those who might be tempted to engage in Similar acts. .
the leaders must Serve as an example in their dealings in accordance with the Law . They must be honest and transparent with the handing of Societal matters .

The government from all constituencies must united together for the purposes of jobs creations and youths empowermentent. The welfare of the youths must be giving a high priority if we aim to have a lasting development in Africa.
The educational system have to be deeply involves in the grooming of young Africans, to imbibe in them the spirit of patriotism.
It’s a shame that majority of our young stars do not even know or understand the meaning of PATRIOT.
When I was in high school, I didn’t; not until a year latter. My findings lead me to make more research on the importance of patriotism. suddenly, my eyes were open, and I understood the duality of it. The concept and it’s importance to building a stable society. patriotism has no disadvantages.

I strongly believe that, ‘the educational system in Africa have a whole lots of importance rolles to play in building a better, stable and corruption free nation for all.

images (37)
The religious setting is not exceptional on this. However, it’s a shame to admit that, ‘religion has failed us all both as individuals and as a people’. But we must not give up the fight , Together we must unite to build a better Africa for ourselves and for the children yet unborn .

By: Alexandre wisdom .
for power of the mind and Eyes OF african God.


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