Before the day breaks, I was woken by the loud noise engulfing from my neighbor’s room. “There shall be no war, there shall be no war” Repeatedly the voices yelled. Quickly I rolled out of the bed onto a seating position to listen clearly and simultaneously say, ‘Amen’ as they pray on.

Different thoughts began to run through my mind. Just last night, I heard on the radio how some youths from the northern parts of the country known as AREWA YOUTHS had issued an ultimatum to all southerners to evacuate the North. And how much propaganda the southerners are engaging in with the sole aims of getting a republic in the name Biafra.

Well, at the moment with the current looks of things, it appears like the ball has finally rolled out of the court of the southerners as the Northerners are buying into the concept of the south! to allow them form their own country (Biafra).

Without going into further details on what is causing these problems, I would like to quickly note that the major problem in this country is misinformation. The people are not properly informed; most especially the youths.Nigerian-youths-1-600x400

While the politicians, elder men and women, religious leaders are busy pushing for the division of Nigeria by using the venerable and misinformed youths as an instrument to achieve their aims,


Their children are not in the country and in the events of a worst case scenario, these same politicians, elder men and women, including the religious leaders and godfathers who are encouraging violence in one way or the other in this country, will all travel out, leaving these same miss-informed youths to suffer





The big questions at the moment are:

  • Second Biafra and Nigeria war, how possible is it?
  • Who could start the war first?
  • Are Nigerians ready?
  • What could happen during the war?
  • Who would win?

One after another, these questions would be treated carefully. We’ll start with the first question,

Second Biafra and Nigeria civil war, how possible is it?

This is a very dedicate question that demands a tactical answer. Firstly, it is advisable to note that 90 percent of Nigerians are unprepared or do not dream of anything such as civil war.

Thereto, it is off the will and power of the common man to determine what will or will not happen in the country. The power struggles are politically base;  therefore all decision are made by those in the position of authority.image18

Civil war between Nigeria and Biafra could breakout if there is a miscalculation in the decision-making by those leaders.

For example, if the federal government of Nigeria decides to be mute and neglect the threats made by the Arewa youths and the dateline issued is reached, the Northern youths might be misled to attack any southerner living in the North; an action which the southerners would not take lightly.

If the federal government however decides to issue an arrest warrants for it agencies to bring to records the Arewa youth, they might also have to do the same to the southerners who are agitating for Biafra! If this is not well calculated; it could resolve in an unwanted crisis.

Secondly, if a dialogue is called and the two parties finally reach for an agreement, Biafra agitation has to finally die off . if not, continuous agitation might provoke the Northerners to seek for a lasting solution once and for all.

With mounting pressure, the federal government might call for a referendum or might decide to turn deaf ear to the current demands for it, however the case might be, we hope for the best.

The second question is, who could start the war?

Nigeria and Biafra second civil war could be started by any side of the party, but the possibilities of the Northerners pulling the ticker first is 67 percent compare to the south. The southerners could provoke the North easily to press the bottom first and crisis could escalate.



The third question:  Are Nigerians ready for any man-made disaster?

The truth is, except from agitators, who probably do not know or care about the consequences of their actions, no Nigerian with he’s or her right mindset would admit to be ready for any forms of war. Based on findings, 90 percent of Nigerians are not ready. The remaining 10 percent are amongst the ones agitating and some are in the law enforcement agencies.

The fourth question: what could happen during the war?

Well as you all know, one of the challenges that Nigeria is currently face with is poor and unstable power supply. In the event of any form of man-made disaster, a complete shutdown of power supply should be expected shortly after it erupts.blackout-e1455793696127-890x395

In the first week of a Nigeria and Biafra second civil war, there might be all kinds of negative news on the social media which might work to fuel more crises and cause panic in the country. If this happens, the federal government might be force to shut down internet connections temporally in the country.

There might be a total clamp down on the popular river Niger bridge which is seen as a frontier between Nigeria and Biafra.   In the event of a second civil war between Nigeria and Biafra, the River Niger bridge would be put under complete surveillance. Here, the faith of any Northerner that might try to cross over, would be judge.Biafra agitators block Niger Bridge_1

Economy melts down:

 Currently, Nigeria is considered to be the strongest economy in Africa, with an estimated annual GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) Intl$ 1,119.5 billion (2017, estimate) IMF World Economic Outlook 2016     but this might be a thing of once upon a time.

Banks indefinite closure.

During war time, people seek for shelters and almost everything at the time stop functioning. Banks would be close down and all investments and savings won’t be accounted for not even after the war. This means that the ATM won’t work.

Refugees outflow.

Consider the current populations of Nigeria at hand! Any form of eventuality that might draw the nation into a second civil war would result in the worst case outflow of refugee’s crises Africa has ever had to face.FAMILIES FLEEING VIOLENCE WALK TOWARD EASTERN CONGO

No doubt, the African Union was set up to ensure the peace and continuous coexistence and stability of it member state, Nigeria alone plays a very important role in the African union. But in the events of any form of crises in Nigeria, the African union would be face with a very big challenge of coping with Refugees crises.

Hunger and starvation.

Nigeria is currently facing economy challenge with continuous rise in commodities in the market resolving

Severely malnourished Rwandan refugee children wait March 28 for food within a makeshift camp some 2..

in an unwanted cost of living! In the event of a civil war, it should be expected a double in the high cost of living, along with an overwhelming scarcity of foods supplies ending to starvation.