Alexandre wisdom is a Liberia born song writer, singer, novelist and a hair stylist. He is an author and to his credits are the books: "THE KINGDOM NEEDS A DOCTOR, THE NIGERIAN STORY FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A LIBERIAN FATHER, THE GRACE, SECRETS AT THE BACK OF THE SUN, THE PROVERBS OF ALEXANDRE WISDOM. Including numbers of uncountable short stories and poems. These amazing books have given birth to many inspirational songs. He has co-written songs with both international and local artist, a few are Joe-choe McGuire, a.k.a pleasure maker the founder of the afrolicious funk music band base in Los Angeles, the ban of life, a musical group base in Lagos Nigeria, the stars of heaven, e.t.c In the early 2015 Alexandre wisdom decided it was time to learn a different culture in a new environment. He currently base in Abuja, Nigeria. At his leisure time, he enjoys beautifying both men and women in the salon.. , On FB: alexandre wisdom Twitter: siralexandre. YouTube:https://Alexandre wisdom Tel:+2347080763356

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Known for its rapid and constant development, Abuja the capital city of Nigeria suddenly became the limelight and a dream destination for tourists and immigrants.

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Being the capital city, Abuja is filled with numerous gigantic buildings. Every day, mega infrastructures are propping up in various locations. Abuja is partially secured because it is the capital city; so for foreigners, this is good news, though every city has its own security challenges.

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With the rapidly growing population, Abuja manages to feed its inhabitants and has job creations and empowerment initiatives.

This beautiful and ever rising city is blessed with large landscape! Still, many buildings stand void with no occupants. For hikers, Abuja is filled with beautiful mountains and rocks and remains a dream destination. Thanks to its strategic location!

Recently, there have been some strange happenings in the city. Abuja has gotten some new and unwanted visitors running in thousands!

The cows! Yes, the cows. Have you seen them?

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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, Mayweather wins again. (Black power is proven)

The Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight has concluded, and Floyd Mayweather has emerged as the winner.TELEMMGLPICT000138435424_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqUm2wzpY2YxqLXSGuT1rMRuo28trI2M-U6-hm0FNO8u0

The boxer moved to a 50-0 career record as he proved too good for the upstart from the world of UFC.

McGregor’s night began promisingly, with some impressive blows landed in the early round.

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But as the fight grew on class was always going to tell, and Mayweather began to assert his dominance.

The referee called a halt to proceedings in the 10th round.

Here’s our boxing correspondent Gareth A Davies’s round-by-round verdict, with scores for each round from our panel of guest judges: Gareth, former boxer Darren Barker and senior writer from Ring magazine Mike Coppinger.

Round 1

Very smart round by McGregor, excellent attacks, pawing with the left, relaxed and letting his hands go. Showboating for confidence. Floyd can’t get in.

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Round 2

Mayweather doing little apart from one body shot, McGregor the aggressor, but he’s warned for back of head punching. He’s doing all the work.

Round 3

McGregor’s unorthodox movement from MMA making safety-first Mayweather unsure what to do next. He’s just waiting. McG beginning to blow a little.

Round 4

Weird so far from Mayweather. But he’s opened up a bit more this round and although he’s landing he’s also getting caught. Good shot on McGregor’s body. Twice. McG is game though. Good left from McG and crowd goes with him. May weather warned up now but he does look old.

Round 5

McG still working hard but May goes to his stomach again and then a right from the American. They tie up. McG is so much bigger. Left-right from McG but not power. Body again from Floyd then that use of elbows he does in the clinch. Fast right from May. May holds glove over, McG flips him off. Crowd loves it.


Round 6

May really switched it up that round and was more aggressive than he is accustomed to be. McG finding it hard in there but enjoying the challenge. Looks to be tiring. Cheeky tongue from Mac, and hands behind back. May starting to control. Fight even.

Round 7

Series of big right hands from Floyd who looks like he is seeking a finish now. He rocks McGregor’s head back twice. May also lands good right. McG so focused though and his will keeping him in there looking for a chance. But Conor looking very tired.

Round 8TELEMMGLPICT000138435414_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bqm2LUNC0Q0toWAKO9iKM9COj9LTnz0Y2CAq0Bp7ZiOEY

Good round for Mystic Mac, he just landed more. Not hard, not dangerous but just landing more. The Irishman has rallied and believes in himself. It was a close round though.

Round 9

Massive round and it could be close to the end unless McG rallies strongly. Good right from Floyd. And another. And another. McG holds. Legs are tired. Big assault now from Mayweather, looking for the uppercut to finish thew fight. McG, dives in to hold. Ref Robert Byrd pushes them apart, McG is exhausted. Huge round for Mayweather.

Round 10

And it’s over. Hard conclussive, accurate punches rain in from Mayweather who is hurting McGregor who stumbles across the ring and into the ropes from a right hand, off balance, and is close to going down. The attack continues. Left. Right. Left. McGregor’s head is torqued across his shoulders. This is nasty dominance now and Mayweather looks the great boxer and McGregor the MMA fighter. Brilliant, valiant effort by McGregor. After two lefts on the ropes, referee Robert Byrd has seen enough, protects McG and waves it off. And a new champion emerge.

By:Alexandre wisdom

For:Eyes of African God

Liberians celebrate the opening of a passport center in Nigeria.

imagesIt was indeed a moment to commemorate for a long time at the premises of the embassy of Liberian in Nigeria, as Liberians from all works of life trooped in to witness the official opening of the Liberia passport application center   on the 24/08/2017.
You could clearly see the smile on the faces of everyone as they sat patiently for the long awaited event. The atmosphere was warm and friendly with an ambiance of beautiful decoration of the hall with a touch of the Liberia national Colors  (RED, WHITE, AND BLUE)
Dignitaries that were present  at the event includes the Liberia ambassador to the republic of Nigeria Prof. Al-Hassan conteh. …s1and the host of other comrades..
Liberian are God Loving People Thereto, this historical event began with a brief opening prayers from both side of the religious groups, Islam and the Christian faithful. 

Followed by the resonating of the Liberia national anthem  and the The lone star of liberia  . Oh! How sweet it was to sing the victory song with my brothers and sisters.

This was quickly followed by a powerful opening remark by the number one Liberia citizen in Nigeria Prof. Al-Hassan conteh
Mr Al.-Hassan stress the importance of the passport application to all Liberian living in Nigeria. He advice all Liberian in Nigeria to take advantage of the historical moves by the Liberian government. Mr, Al-Hassan got the attentions of the audience by making references to the already existed passport application centers in various countries of the world and how so many Liberian in such part have benefited from it.

There was also a staccato reading of Liberia history the hope and future that lies ahead and the need for continuous cooperation and unity of all Liberian both at home and in diaspora.
 Prof. Al-Hassan conteh summarized his remarks by thanking all Liberian in Nigeria for their humility, coexistence and for being good ambassadors worthy of emulating.

Introduction to the electronic passport application
This was wisely an cord  by the chair person of the embassy of Liberia in Abuja, Mrs, Beatrice N. Sherman. Counselor, consul . She was assisted by Mr, Nat Bayja- minister for press and public affairs  embassy of liberia.
Mrs Sherman did an exceptional job by taking time to address the audience on the process of the electronic application, which is only done online, the terms and the conditions. This was done with a power point presentation, giving the audience a vivid concept of how the online application process really works.
Mrs Sherman, reassured the Liberian community in Nigeria that the Liberia embassy in Abuja are committed to serving them, and that the staffs of the embassy were more than capable to handle any issues that would or might concern the passport application processing, renewal and any other relevant issues  that is legal and concerns Liberian.

Mrs, Beatrice N. Sherman  concluded her presentation with special thanks addressed to the Liberian ambassador to Nigeria, Mr, Al-Hassan conteh for his good work in making sure that  the outcry of the organization of Liberian community in Nigeria(OLICON) for the establishment of a passport application center in Abuja becomes a reality by making sure their outcry was heard by the Liberian government


Questions were directly addressed to Mr, Al-Hassan conteh and to the officials of the embassy. Each question was treated in a diplomatic way to the satisfaction of the audience and of the questioners.

At a hidden corner of the hall sat one of Liberia’s great entertainer with a passion for the combinations of all genres of music to create a unique sound of the new Era that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and tribes. Professor Kpakpakpa as he is popularly known is energetic on stage, with an electrifying performance skill.

As the event proceeds towards it climax, the entire audience were getting ready to be thrill!. With my trouser leg already fold, I was ready to scatter the dance floor with a host of others . But as you might know, the Liberia national flag day was a victory day to all Liberians,  the embassy therefore set out a special day to celebrate it  and professor kpakpakpa adviced  All Liberian, lovers of Liberian and all lovers of liberty to save enough energy untill the 26/08/2018. and are welcome to the embassy of Liberia in abuja for the celebration of her national flag day 2017, as the professor of music himself would be there live. (Don’t forgetto put on your dancing shoe)
This processions followed the official decoration of the passport center by the ambassador, Prof. Al-Hassan conteh and the host of other officials of the Liberian embassy.
Refreshments was not left out! And once again, the Liberian jellof rice proved itself to be the best in Africa. There was a brief photo sections and the people exit to polish their dancing shoes ahead of the upcoming national day flag celebration at the liberia embassy.

By:Alexandre wisdom

For:Eyes of African God


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I could but attain all my wish
I’d have each day, one wholesome dish
A glass of port with good old beer
Some few friends and a beautiful girls
That truly cares
A little garden in some clean town,
tobacco, pips, and sigaret so I won’t be
feeling down.
To keep content and peace a brace through
The neighboring poor should freely share
Whatever I could afford to spare
To own not only a house but 10
Maybe with wooden doors but iron gates
With such houses, whence comes any regret
I would envy not the worldly great
My son’s and daughter wholly bless
Let the people near and dear afar try
In vain
let them seek worldly praise filled with pains
But unnoticely I would live and die
For such life is hard to try
But such a life, I’ll wish to live.
But since fortune has not thought
Fit to place me in such affluence,
Estate, beautiful girl, iron gate, and a
big garden
Each virtue to attain, I will try
And from each day struggles and hustle
I will fly

:Alexandre wisdom

Source: eyes of African God

Cruise Ship Blacks Out in Face of Pirate Threat — Travel and Tour World

Passengers on a luxury cruise were surprised by a dusk-till-dawn blackout by the captain and were ordered to go without the standard entertainment and trappings for ten days because of an anticipated “pirate threat”. Source: Travelandtourworld.

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